Man in cafe paying contactless with smart phone
Man in cafe paying contactless with smart phone

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Contactless. Safe. Secure.

Enjoy the convenience of having your Wheelhouse Cards digitally stored on your mobile device. Simply add your Wheelhouse Visa® Debit Card and Credit Card to any major digital wallet app. Use your digital wallet to pay for contactless, safe, and secure transactions.

Compatible Wallets

Apply Pay  |  Garmin Pay  |  Google Pay  |  Fitbit Pay  |  Samsung Pay

How to Pair Your Cards
Close up of young man shopping at the flower shop. He is paying with his smartphone, scan and pay a bill on a card machine making a quick and easy contactless payment.

How To Pay For Purchases

To pay with your digital wallet, look for the contactless payment symbol on the payment terminal:

  1. Unlock phone and open the mobile wallet app
  2. Hold it near the contactless reader on the payment terminal
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

(Hold phone by the contactless reader until phone vibrates and/or beeps, signifying payment has been accepted. A checkmark may also display when the transaction has been authorized)


Launch the wallet app on your smart device.

  1. If you’re new to digital wallet, simply tap on the ‘Add a Card’ or ‘Add Payment Method’ option in the wallet app on your device
  2. Enter the card details manually or, if prompted, take a photo of the card to auto-populate the fields

Update a Card

  1. On most devices, you can update an existing card by tapping on the ‘Payment’ menu item or selecting the specific card on the app Home Screen
  2. If those options are not available, simply follow the process above and add a new card

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