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Apply for Your PPP Loan Forgiveness

If you received an SBA PPP Loan through Wheelhouse, you may begin your forgiveness application through the Wheelhouse Forgiveness Portal. Apply today. Don’t wait!

Forgiveness Application

To begin your PPP loan forgiveness application, please visit our new Forgiveness Application Portal here.

Please submit any questions regarding the PPP loan forgiveness process to Wheelhouse Credit Union via our online PPP Question Form.

A representative will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.

What You Need to Begin Your Forgiveness Application

In order to get your forgiveness application submitted as seamlessly and quickly as possible, please be ready with the following:

  1. Your Business TIN
  2. Your SBA Loan Number
    If you need to obtain your SBA Loan Number, you may retrieve the loan note from DocuSign (if you have a DocuSign account). If you do not have a DocuSign account, you may request your loan number through the PPP Question Form and it will be emailed to you securely.
  3. The necessary documentation for your forgiveness application
  4. Ensure you have an active email address on file with Wheelhouse Credit Union

We also encourage you to visit the SBA’s website to determine which application to use, prior to beginning the forgiveness process in the portal. It may also be helpful to use the SBA application as a worksheet before accessing the portal. That way, you may simply copy the information from the worksheet into the online application.

Important: Please ensure your documentation numbers and totals match the numbers and totals on your worksheet/online application.

SBA Forgiveness Forms and Instructions

If you would like to fill out the SBA’s forgiveness form prior to completing the online application, please select the appropriate SBA form below and follow the instructions. You may use the completed form to help you quickly fill out and submit your online application.

SBA Form 3508 PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

Application and Instructions

SBA Form 3508EZ PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

Application and Instructions

SBA Form 3508S PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

Application and Instructions


You may access the recent FAQs, published by the SBA, here.

If you have any questions, please submit them through our PPP Question Form and we will respond accordingly.

The following are requirements, outlined by the SBA, that must be met to qualify for loan forgiveness on a PPP loan:

  • All employees remain on payroll for eight (8) weeks
  • 60 percent of funds are used for payroll and employee benefits
  • Any remaining funds are used for rent, mortgage interest, or utilities
  • Payroll costs including benefits
  • Mortgage interest, rent, utilities
  • Worker protection costs related to COVID-19
  • Uninsured property damage costs caused by looting or vandalism during 2020
  • Certain supplier costs and expenses for operation

We will send you an automatic email that your application has been received.

Wheelhouse will send you a formal communication upon receiving a decision from the SBA regarding your loan forgiveness.


A previously established membership is not required. However, if one does not already exist, applicants will need to establish a new membership to apply and receive funds through Wheelhouse Credit Union. Businesses located (have a business address) in San Diego County are eligible.
All information has been gathered from the SBA website at For additional information please visit their website.

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